Our Story

Boatdipity offers a better way to buy and sell watercraft…that is only a small part of boating. Where do you go to find out what kind of boat you need? What adventures are others experiencing? How do I calculate the cost of ownership? These are a few of the questions you may have about watercraft. Boatdipity has developed a site that covers all aspects of water activities and encourages you to share those experiences with others. Who else would be best at suggesting advice and adventures when it comes to boating! Expect to find comments from Owners, Brokers, Mechanics, Vendors and others. We are a big boating family so why not share our knowledge with each other. It may be something simple like commenting on a blog. Maybe you want to be a guest blogger sharing your trip around the world. Our social sites are loaded with stories so join in the sharing.  

So where do you start? Maybe you are new to boating and want to do some window-shopping. How about catching a local boat show or taking a ride during a dealer demo day? Maybe renting a boat for the afternoon is all you need. Find answers to questions you may have about the cost of ownership. How do I sell my boat? These questions and many more are the reason you found Boatdipity. We can help you buy and sell anything from a Paddleboard to Yachts. However, it is more important that you have a step-by-step site to discover the best watercraft for your adventures.

Follow Boatdipity to educate yourself on the boating lifestyle. Use our unique activity tool that helps find the best boat for all of your adventures.  Check out our calendar of boating events covering things like boat shows, demo days, town events and educational classes. We have created a base for new and experienced boaters to share questions and knowledge. 

The name Boatdipity is a spin from the word Serendipity meaning “Pleasant Surprises”.  That’s what being on the water is all about…
  • It’s not the many fishing trips but the time you caught enough to fill a cooler. 
  • It’s not the boat ride but the time you and the family saw dolphin swimming alongside.
  • It’s not the weekend boating trip but the lifetime friends you met while on the water.

Boatdipity wants to help you answer “What Floats Your Boat”.